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Hershey Family Reunion 2001

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  As always, the adults get together and talk. At night, a campfire brings everyone together for smores.
A posted sign tells the activities for each day of the reunion.
Tents and trailers were decorated with lights of the Christmas Season.
  Three out of four of the first generation 12 siblings still alive were at this reunion. Betty, John, and Jeanne were present. Don could not attend.
This years reunion included Jim Webb's daughter Lisa and grand daughter Morgan for the first time. Carmen Morrison's new daughter Victoria was also a first time reunion attendee.
The family of Dick and Betty Boyd is the largest at the reunion every year. Four generations now attend.
Dwight and Claudette Hershey had seven grandkids present this year. On Saturday, the descendants of each of the original 12 siblings wear the same shirt color. Blue is the color for the descendents of Paul.
Volleyball is just one of many activities at the reunion.
A family tree is looked over, with changes, additions, and corrections made.
On Monday after the "official" reunion is over, all who can stay have breakfast together at a local restaurant.
This was the group picture of the 35 who stayed for the Monday breakfast.

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