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Hershey 2002 Winter Reunion

The Hershey's have two reunions each year. The summer reunion, held at Earl Park, Indiana, each August, is the larger, but the winter reunion, held at Kissimmee, Florida, in January is growing in size.

While the "official" winter reunion is the first Saturday in January, the festivities start the Friday before and last for a week. Friday evening includes a meal of hot soup, followed by games and chit-chat.
Saturday noon meal is a cookout of hamburgers and hotdogs.
The largest gathering is for the Saturday evening pot-luck meal. About 40 people were there this year.
Betty, Don, & Jeanne, three of the  12 children of George and Maude Hershey are always at the winter reunion. Betty and Jeanne are also always at the summer reunion. Betty & Don live in the Kissimmee area.
Unlike the summer reunion, school age children are not included in the winter reunion for the obvious reason that they are in school. There is little if any organization involved other than the three initial meal meetings. The remainder of the "reunion" is mainly conducted by someone suggesting an activity, and others agreeing to participate. Such activities include getting together for an evening meal, and visiting one of the many attractions in the Kissimmee area.
A major attraction of the area visited this year was THE HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE. Descriptions of the places and events near the time of Christ are presented in word and song in an entertaining manner. A highlight is the scale model of Jerusalem from the time period just before the destruction of the Temple.

Eating places included Shells for seafood, Tony Roma for barbeque, and Capone's for dinner and entertainment.

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