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2002 Hershey Reunion page 2

Saturday is mostly devoted to games, eating, and then a dance. Dick Boyd, who always wins at horseshoes, was a spectator this year because of a sore shoulder. The competition is for a two person team, single elimination round-robin, but it took a last round substitute to complete the last competition for the winning team because of the extreme heat. I was lucky enough to lose in the first round, and got to join the spectators in the shade. Next year an evening competition is planned.

Games for the kids provides all the older relatives an opportunity to relax and enjoy the antics of the youngsters.

This year two of the older boys were decorated with shaving cream. After the completion of the decorating, it was time to spread the joy, especially to an older sister, and family leaders. I don't think this "game" will repeat.

A water balloon toss is the usual end of the games. They start out close, usually with family members paired, and then step back with each successful catch. The last dry team is the winner.

A happy loser. It was hot, and the water cooled nicely.

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