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Hershey Reunion
August 2002

Our AstroVan, left, was loaded as usual when we headed for Earl Park in late July. Our load was not unusal, as can be seen by the picture to the right of another Hershey Reunion attendee.
While the "Official" reunion is the first weekend of August, most people arrive early, some as early as Tuesday. We arrived on Wednesday. The early arrival is to have enough time to visit, look at picture albums, play games, relax, and enjoy a nightly campfire.
Starting Friday, there is a posted schedule of Activities. For the last few years, each reunion has had a theme. For 2002, it was Hawaiian.  Not on the schedule were contests to determine who best dressed Hawaiian, and whose campsite was best decorated.
 Separate contests were held for men, women, boys, and girls. My wife showed-off by correctly naming all the boys and girls in the contest.

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