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Winter 2004

The 2004 Hershey Winter Reunion started with an evening meal of hamburgers, soup, and desserts at the Boyd's on 6 February.

The eating was followed by lots of conversations, both inside and outside.

Since some of the guys had gone deep sea fishing just before the reunion, fish stories were a part of the conversations.

The weather was beautiful for the entire reunion. It did get cool enough for a light jacket a couple of days later.

Saturday, 7 February, was the day of Gabby Hershey's funeral. 
Gabby Hershey: 7 June 1920-30 Jan 2004.

Rev. Mike Hershey conducted the funeral. Mikes grandfather had married Don and Gabby 64 years earlier.

Saturday evening of the reunion, the Hersheys all get together at the clubhouse to eat and fellowship together. The food is usually a pot-luck affair by those attending.

 This year, friends and neighbors of Don and Gabby asked to be allowed to supply the food. It was enjoyed by all the Hersheys.

Cloyd's family, plus Don, Jeanne, and Betty. Cloyd was the third oldest of the original 12.

Betty Boyd, Don Hershey, and Jeanne Murray, the youngest and now the last of the original 12 of the reunion. 

A laptop was used to view a slide show of pictures of earlier reunions.

Mexican Train was played for first time at this reunion.

More Train was played the next day.

And again the next day.

The dinner and theater club, Capone's, was the site for food and entertainment Monday night.
Several of the family members continued their stay in Kissimmee for the rest of the week. These were largely those from the cold North who enjoy getting away from the snow.

My wife (Betty) and I (Lewie) left Tuesday for Tampa and a visit to Busch Gardens, and then farther south to observe and take pictures of Birds at the Venice Rookery, Corkscrew Swamp, and Ding Darling NWR. Go to my Travel Web site for a report on these.

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