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2006 Hershey Summer Reunion

The 2006 HERSHEY Reunion officially started on Friday, 4 August, but, as always, some arrived to get the best camping spots and to start game playing, looking at pictures, and visiting with the best relatives anyone could hope for.

Most everyone that has arrived by Thursday has  pizza for the evening meal in the nearby town of Kentland. The crowd of  30+ arrives early because Monical's Pizza is small.
Every evening a campfire provides all the entertainment that most of us require, but several screen rooms are likely to have lights and card or domino games underway by both young and old. Smores are certain to be available at least one night.

Easter was the theme for 2006. An Easter Bonnet and Easter Basket competition for adults. Egg decorating for kids.
Bocce Ball and Horse Shoes are two of the organized games for adults and kids old enough to compete. Adults win at Horse Shoes, but pre-teens often win at Bocce Ball.

Several running, team competition games gets the kids tired and full of Hershey candies. There are no losers, but some do win more candy than others. 

Chris & Tom, 2006 Horse Shoe Champs
The game playing continues Sunday evening at the Kentland Holiday Inn Express. Several non-campers stay here during the reunion, and some campers spend the last night here. Hot showers, soft beds, and a motel manager that wants us back next year are all present.
There are still two parts of the annual reunion left. First is the Monday morning breakfast. Almost 40 stay over for the Monday morning get together at a local restaurant.

The last of each reunion is the Monday morning group picture followed by tearful goodbyes.

For video look at the reunion, click HERE for a YouTube link. The image is small and of poor quality, but does provide a quick look of the happenings.

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