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Jeanne and Bill Murray.

The Pedigree

To the Hersheys one and all, and to all their relations
We extend to you greetings on our first celebration.
We hope you're enjoying yourselves, everyone,
For that's why we've come here--for picnic and fun.

We have a swell family, and we're sure you'll agree
To this statement as soon as you've heard this pedigree.
So listen closely, and all gather near.
We won't leave out a one, so don't you fear.

In the immediate family's an even dozen;
Forty-eight in all counting in-laws and cousins.
In the following lines we'll try to describe
Everyone to a man in this handsome tribe.

We'll start with Mother, she's really a prize.
And now that we're grown we realize
What she must have suffered to bring us all here.
To the best Mother on earth let's stand up and cheer.

Next comes Charlotte, she's the eldest you see.
Short, stout, and good natured as she can be.
As as a mechanic she's almost as good as a guy,
And when it comes to trouble she's our old stand-by.

She wed Homer McAvoy a long time ago.
In fact before most of us younger ones know.
They have a daughter, her name's Norma Jean.
She's tall and good lookin' and just turned sixteen.

Now our brother Charlie, we''ll take him next.
He's the oldest and smallest of the masculine sex.
For a partner he took Minnie King for his wife.
And since then four children have brightened their life.

There's Martha who's married to Charles Raugh.
A druggist from Pittsburgh he is and now
Their home has been blessed with Lana Lou.
Our first great grandchild, a darling one too.

Then comes George Dan, first from our family to go
To serve our country--first Hitler and Tojo.
His brother Ed's wearing the Navy blue.
We're proud of these boys, but we miss them, too.

The last from this family who lives in the East
Is Wilbur the youngest, but not the least.
He's quite useless, you see, when there's something to do,
But his ball through the neighbor's window he threw.

The next one listed on our family tree
Is whose wife was Pauline Kennedy.
They make a fine couple, and look quite fancy
When seen with their daughters, Mona and Nancy.

Sister Mary was born on a cold Christmas day.
For a husband she chose Jim Webb, and say
Their family of seven keeps them in a whirl.
They have six fine boys and one little girl.

There is George Paul the oldest, then Jimmie, then Joe.
Then Bobbie is next. They're all in a row
There's Billie the baby, and Bennie Eugene,
And the pride of the family--Lois Maxine.

Now Ruth, the fifth child, married Charles Snook.
They live on a farm, and you could write a book
About all the good things she has to eat,
To go to her house is a real treat.

As for children, with two this home has been blessed.
They take their places along with the rest.
Jacqueline is housekeeper, and we'd like to report
That the other one, Buster, is quite a sport.

Then comes the sky pilot. His name is Paul.
When it comes to talent, he seems to have it all.
He can play the fiddle, he can sing, paint, and mold.
And we're all still laughing at the jokes he has told.

Some time ago, he took for his partner
A very nice wife whose name was Ruth Gardner.
Their children three are their pride and delight.
They are Jack Paul and Barbara and little Dwight.

Next comes Louise--wed her childhood flame.
Another Charles in our family, McDanell's his last name.
Their home is in Elwood. Children--they have two.
Their boy they call Bobbie, and the girl Lottie Lou.

And now since a picture of the others you've seen,
We'll go on to John and his wife, Irene.
They live in Crown Point on Court Street, you see,
And we'll tell you a secret. They're parents-to-be.

Then comes Bob bragging of his profession,
But along with his boasts comes this confession
That it wasn't intelligence (He's really a fool)
That got him his job at the Crown Point High School.

Esther Crider, his wife, is an asset to him,
But in informal circles we all call her "Jim."
They fight for the paper, and bowling's their hobby,
And the pride of their household's their little son, Bobbie.

The youngest boy's Donald, he's the one without hair.
Oils and ointments he's used, but his head is still bare.
When he has to work it makes him quite crabby
His wife's name's Juanita, but we call her Gabby.

Now Jeanne's the old maid with no babies to smack.
So she's definitely decided to become a WAC.
For a husband she's longed, she's sighed, and she's wept.
Any suggestions for glamour she'll gladly accept.

Now a picture of Betty, the baby, we'll draw.
She married a soldier, and they live in Utah.
For better or worse we're sure they'll stick.
Our little sister Betty, and her husband Dick.

We've almost finished with this recitation
Of the Hershey family and their relation,
But there are some that we can't forget.
We're sure that in Heaven these two have met.

Our father left more than a decade ago,
And Jackie's been gone just a month or so,
But if a glimpse into Heaven we could see
We'd find Daddy there--baby Jack on his knee.

Now this little ditty we must bring to a close
But we want to be sure that everyone knows
That on the day we've set for next year to gather
We expect you all here in spite of the weather.

To other relatives and friends that are here
We extend you a welcome to come back next year.
To this year's reunion we give honorable mention,
But that next year's be better is our intention.

- Jeanne Hershey

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